Pétanque Tournament - European Day of Languages

Pétanque Tournament 2017

Pétanque Tournament 2017 photo album

On Friday the 29th September we helped to organise a Pétanque competition for the 2nd and 3rd year French students with Ms. Mc Goldrick. The students were divided up into teams of three. Each team played the other teams in different rounds till the two remaining teams played in the final. The aim of the game is to roll the ball as close to the ‘jack’ (the small ball) as possible. The team who owns the ball closest to the ‘jack’ wins the round and progresses on to the next round while the other team is knocked out. The winners of the first 2nd year group were Shaun, Brendan and Donna. The next 2nd year group winners were David, Therese and Emmet. The 3rd year group winners were Ciara, Stephen and Christopher. We then played a round with all the boys competing and a separate round where all the girls competed to determine the two best players. The winners of the best player round were Stephen and Tori. All the winners were awarded a trophy which was presented by our special guest, county player Clara Mc Laughlin. Ms Mc Goldrick would like to thank the school for sponsoring the trophies and to say well done to every student who took was a great day of pétanque!

Beaucoup D'amusement dans le Département Français

French ClubFrench Club

French Club photo album

Before the Christmas break the French Club took place in a different location. Instead of the usual classroom, we all headed off to Café Donagh, a coffee shop in town owned by two French people - Pascal & Pascale! We celebrated Christmas with some French food, prepared just for us thanks to Pascal. The students discovered 'le croque-monsieur' (litterally - the crunchy mister! A toasted ham and cheese sandwich) and 'la tarte tatin' (an apple pie turned over!). After that we were ready for the last days before the holidays!

Avant les vacances de Noël, le club de français s’est déroulé dans un cadre différent. A la place de l’usuel salle de classe, nous sommes allés au Café Donagh, un café sur la place principale, tenu par deux français, Pascal et Pascale. Nous avons célébrés Noël en mangeant de la nourriture française préparés juste pour nous par Pascal. Les élèves ont ainsi pu découvrir la recette du croque-monsieur et de la tarte tatin. Le ventre bien plein, nous étions prêts pour les derniers jours d’école avant les vacances!

French Play

French Play photo album

French Play

A French theatre group, based in Dublin, came to the school in December. They performed two plays, one for the junior cycle called 'Le Porte-Bonheur' and the other for the senior cycle called 'Le Secret Noir'. (The secret was that one of the actors was ‘très beau!!’) To make the things a bit more challenging, in each play, the actors requested the help from some students. Daniel, Killian, Ailbhe, Lainey, Lara, Tony, Leah, Natasha and Megan from 3G did their part for the first play. Maria, Rebecca, Leah, Alana, Natasha from 5th year, Michael from 6th and the French assistant Juliette took part in the second play. The four actors were delighted with the warm welcome they got from all the students. And going by the fact that the students remained on during their break to watch the end of the play is proof of how much they enjoyed it! It was a great experience enjoyed by all involved. Really well done to all the students who took part.

Une troupe de théâtre française basée à Dublin est venue à l’école toute une matinée de décembre. Ils ont joués deux pièces de théâtre, l’une appellée le “porte-bonheur" pour les plus jeunes et la deuxième appellée “le secret noir” pour les plus âgés. (Le secret était que l’un des acteur était très beau !). Pour rendre les choses un peu plus excitantes, les acteurs ont invités un petit nombre d’élèves à participé. Ainsi Daniel, Killian Ailbhe, Lainey, Lara, Tony, Leah, Natasha and Megan de 3G ont fait leur part dans la première pièce. C’était ensuite au tour de Maria, Rebecca, Leah, Alana, Natasha de 5ème année ainsi qu’à Michael de 6ème année et à Juliette (l’assistante de français) de prendre part à la seconde pièce. Les quatre acteurs ont été enchantés de l’accueil chaleureux réservé par les élèves. Ces dernier étant restés sur leur temps de pause pour regarder la fin de la pièce prouve indiscutablement que le plaisir fut partagé! Bravo à tous les élèves qui ont pris part au projet, ce fut une réelle expérience, apprécié par tous les participants.

European Day of Language 2016

Euro Day Language 2016

European Day of Language 2016 photo album

The Annual European Day of Language took place on Friday, 30th October. The Canteen was once again decked out with signature dishes from around Europe (and the world). The more adventurous among the pupils got stuck into snails, frog legs and kangaroo. Impressively, a whole lobster also made an appearance on the menu. It was a fine spread that intrigued the pupils, though many were cautious and a few were just plain squeemish. Overall, however, it was a day of cultural appreciation.

Alumnae Linguists - Profiles

Over the course of the year, the French Department will be profiling CCS past-pupils who have pursued further studies / a career in languages. Their experiences will give current pupils an insight into what is required and what is to be expected in the languages sector.

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