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Space Dome Pic

Tuesday, 21st January marked the touchdown of the Exploration Dome at Carndonagh CS. Presenter Martin explained Galileo’s findings and his invention of the telescope. He also described the difference between an asteroid and a comet. Students were challenged on their knowledge of why Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet. A video called ‘Dynamic Earth – Exploring Earth’s Climate Engine’ directed by Liam Neeson was shown, explaining the harmful effects of pollution on our Earth’s life support system, global climate and what ruined our sister planet Venus. That was followed by a dive below the ocean surface into a swarm of microscopic organisms that hold the key to our climate: Diatoms, Radiolarians, copepods and colourful octopus larvae, before rubbing shoulders with an enormous Humpback Whale displayed on the 360° screen. It was an afternoon enjoyed by all. Thanks to Mr. Curran in the Science Dept. for organising the event.