Science Week ExperimentsScience Week 2020 Photo Album

Lava Lamp, Rubber Egg and Fun with Density were the messy experiments the first year students attempted at home. The winners of the canteen vouchers were Alex Butler, Soleil Crumlish, Casey-Lee Diver, Niamh Donaghy, Bethany Donagan, Isobella Marsh, Rio McDaid and Sophia McDermott.

The second year experiments were mostly edible as they made Sherbet and Honeycomb. When bicarbonate of soda is added to the honeycomb mixture, it breaks down with heat to release carbon dioxide gas. The gas causes the sugar and syrup mixture to froth and bubble. The bubbles become trapped in the mixture where they set as the mixture cools. Winners were Naoise Clifton, Clara Doherty, Sarah McDaid, Luke McLaughlin and Lauren Porter.

Third years boiled red cabbage and used the juice to test the acidity and alkalinity of household substances they could find at home, as well as using fizzy tablets to demonstrate rates of at which a reaction takes place when the temperature is changed. Winners of the canteen vouchers were Ailish Doherty, Lily McElvaney and Eimear Spratt.

Well done to everyone who took part in these experiments. - Mrs Gilmore