Ordinary Level Projects

Design and make a toy suitable for a young child:
The toy should be safe when in use and should incorporate an interesting form of motion that would attract the attention of a child.
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Design and make a small artefact that would hold a selection of basic hand tools:
The artefact should be portable, attractive and be designed to contain a selection of tools suitable for minor repairs in the home
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Design and make an artefact that would allow for the easy feeding and observation of small birds:
The artefact should be stylish in appearence and designed to protect the small birds during winter.
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Higher Level Projects

Many young people are interested in reading as a passtime:
Design and make an elegant artefact to hold not more than ten of your favourite books. The artefact should also incorporate a storage facility for five magazines of your choice. The design should allow the titles of the books to be easily visible and should suggest a literary theme.
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In June 2003, Ireland will host the Special Olympics World Games in which athletes from many countries will participate:
Select one of the participating countries and design and make a decorative artefact that could be presented to the athletes of that country. The artefact should reflect and celebrate the invincible human spirit.
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It gladdens the heart of many people to display a little of nature indoors:
Design and make a decorative artefact that will display a maximum of four potted plants. The artefact should be stylish in appearance and design to complement the beauty of the plants. It should incorporate a device to indicate when the plants need water.
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