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Ordinary Level Projects

Design and make a money box that will sit on a bedside locker:
The money box should he attractive in appearance and should incorporate a theme that would encourage a young person to save.
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Design and make a small decorative tray:
The tray should be capable of carrying tea for not more than two people. It should also be lightweight and safe in use.
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Design and make a compact artefact to hold a mobile phone.
The artefact should also be capable of holding a phone charger and should display a theme relevant to your phone.
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Higher Level Projects

A facility to hold coats is desirable in a hallway.
Design and make an artefact to hold a maximum of four coats. The artefact may be either wall-mounted or free-standing and should be slimline and elegant in proportion. The artefact should also incorporate a secondary function.
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Many young people are inspired by historical events or by people who have made a significant contribution to humanity.
Design and make a decorative artefact to commemorate and celebrate a person or an event that has enriched local or national life.
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Many young people enjoy reading magazines and newspapers.
Design and make an artefact suitable for the neat storage of magazines and newspapers in a young person's bedroom. The artefact should he portable, elegant in appearance and should complement the furniture in the bedroom. The overall design and form of the artefact should reflect a music theme.
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