Ordinary Level Projects

Design and make a decorative artefact to display one small bathroom towel and which will neatly store three other towels.
The artefact should he elegant in appearance and should reflect an aquatic theme.
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Design and make a decorative mirror which incorporates a theme to reflect your favourite pastime.
The mirror should be elegant and attractive in appearance and should include an open storage facility to hold small personal items.
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Design and make a small decorative garden ornament to indicate wind direction.
The artefact should be of robust construction and incorporate a theme based on Irish wildlife.
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Higher Level Projects

A stool as all item of furniture has many uses.
Design and make a sturdy and elegant stool for use in the home.
The stool should be designed to have a secondary function specific to the area in which it is to be used. You should demonstrate how you considered your carbon footprint in the design, selection of materials and in the processes used in the manutheture of the stool.
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Many people partake in artistic or craft activities as a form of relaxation and as a means of expressing their creative talents.
Design and make a decorative artefact to reflect a particular artistic or craft activity.
The design idea should be inspired by the intrinsic beauty of wood and the artefact should be elegant to behold in a setting of your choice.
Design Brief 2 gallery

Many young people like to sketch and paint.
Design and make a small portable artefact for use when sketching and painting in an outdoor setting.
The artefact should accommodate storage for sketching and painting materials and should be designed to incorporate an ergonomically suitable work surface.
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