Book Lists 2020/21

Important Info - Book Lists, Bookshop & Book Grant Forms

pdfLetter to Parents / Guardians re: Book Lists, Bookshop & Book Grant Forms

Book Lists

Art Packs can be purchased in the school in September. There is no need to contact Tara Art Supplies directly.

pdfFIRST YEAR Book List (Updated 23rd July)

pdfSECOND YEAR Book List (Updated 7th July)

pdfTHIRD YEAR Book List (Updated 25th May)

MATHS: - If doing Ordinary Level you still need the 1st Year Book: Classes will be assigned as Higher / Ordinary in September, so don't need to buy Honours book until certain.
GAEILGE: Don't need to buy Higher or Ordinary book until Autumn when you are sure of your Level: If sure of Level, you can buy book.

pdfFIFTH YEAR Book List (Updated 7th July)

pdfSIXTH YEAR Book List (Updated 22nd May)

Book Grant Forms

docSECOND YEAR Book Grant Form

docFIFTH YEAR Book Grant Form


The 5th Year Book List was posted on the school Website to allow pupils identify the texts for the core subjects. The 5th Year Subject Choice outcomes have been posted directly to each pupil informing them of their subjects and you should receive these on Wednesday 13 May. A number of pupils had to be contacted to return the Choice Forms which delayed the processing. A further analysis was conducted to try and maximise the choice outcomes for the pupils. The success ratio for satisfying the pupils choices is: 156 out of the 165 students have been awarded their first 4 preferences. 9 didn't get their 4th choice subject. The 9 pupils were contacted by telephone on Friday/Saturday to discuss their 4th Option. So if a parent didn't get a call on Friday or Saturday then their child has got all 4 of the choices which they put down in March.