Home School Community Liaison

My name is Marie-Therese Doherty and I am the Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator (HSCL) . My role here in CCS is to support you as parents/guardians to help your child get the most out of his/her education. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you need my support, if an issue arises or if you just want to have a chat. You are welcome to meet with me here in the school or, if you’d prefer, I’d be more than happy to come out to your home.
So far we have run courses for parents on Maths (for homework help) and Baking (for fun). Both of which have been very successful. We hold these in our Parents’ Room here in CCS which is in room 405 (located upstairs in the old Tech building at the bottom of the campus). We plan to run these and various others in the coming months so stay tuned for upcoming courses which may be of interest to you! Have a peek at our Parental Courses Survey and let us know if there’s anything there that you’d like to take part in. 

Parental Survey - https://goo.gl/forms/TZbXbVYavWutFPVH3

On a separate note, we’d like to make you aware of the fact that the Parents’ Room is open for your use in the mornings. Feel free to call in for a tea or coffee. You can come in by yourself, or with other parents. And if you’d like to talk to me, just call me!

Thank you,


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07493 74260 (then dial 8)

086 8222169ttps://goo.gl/forms/TZbXbVYavWutFPVH3