Bishop Lagan 4

Fr. Francis Lagan was a member of the original staff of Carndonagh Community School in 1973 when he transferred from Carndonagh College ( based in the Colgan Hall and the Wesleyan Hall ) as one of the three amalgamating schools ( with the Convent of Mercy and the Vocational Education Committee Technical School ) that formed CCS. He came to Carndonagh to teach in the College from 1963 to 1973.

Fr. Lagan was a French teacher and French probably seemed quite exotic in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. Current Principal, Paul Fiorentini recalls him as his first French teacher...“I remember him very fondly as he was always friendly and considerate and I must have been inspired by him as I did end up as a French teacher.” Carndonagh Community School from the outset was always seeking to be progressive and having identified the need for Career Guidance, Fr. Lagan undertook the Career Guidance course and delivered this vital service until he left for Diocesan work in 1977.

He always kept in touch with the school and maintained contact with colleagues he worked with. He brought all the qualities he had demonstrated in the school to his role as bishop. He remembered his days in Carndonagh warmly and was always welcomed back to Inishowen when he returned for Confirmation in the parishes. We are grateful for his service to the school and his pastoral work in the Diocese and offer our condolences to his family and many friends.