JCSP Science Tortoise Needs a Name...

CCS Tortoise

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Carndonagh Community School is proud to welcome a new member to the CCS community...Tortoise! At the minute, the tortoise is called Tortoise because he's only little and doesn't have a name yet. This needs to change by next week. Suggestions for names should be made to Ms. Coll (Room 317) by Monday, 6th January. So far, Bob, Terence and Sheldon are topping the list. The addition of a tortoise to Ms. Coll's Science room is one of the more unusual JCSP initiatives to date. Tortoise has settled in well and has already become a firm favourite in Room 317.

JCSP (September 2016)

Congratulations to class 3C on their fantastic Junior Cert results. The hard work finally paid off and well done to all the teachers and students involved in the programme for the last two years. The students have now moved into senior cycle, following different programmes - LCA, TY and 5th Year Leaving Cert.


What a busy year it has been for the students involved in the JCSP. It was a fun filled, educational and productive year. Thanks to all the students who participated in all aspects of the programme.

Artist in the Classroom
This initiative focused on creative visual skills development where the artist worked for a short time with the group of students. The aim was to produce a piece of wall art that could then be exhibited in the school. The students worked on a theme and after a few weeks they all agreed on the design. They priced the plywood and we purchased 5 pieces of ply ( 8 X 4 ) along with Spray cans, protection masks, brushes, varnish, paper and paint. The students came up with the motto “ if you are not having fun there is no point doing it”. The students worked for a number of weeks on the project and completed their wall display before the Halloween break.
Christmas Celebration

This is an opportunity for the parents and teachers to celebrate the achievements of the JCSP students. The Students from First, Second and Third year were involved. Class 3C organised the event. All Classes helped with the decoration of the coffee dock, Christmas tree, 3rd corridor and food. A lot of work goes into the Christmas Celebration and every year the feedback from the parents is very positive. Our guest speaker this year, Jason Black, gave an inspirational talk to all who attended.

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JCSP Summer Celebration 2016

JCSP Summer Celebration 2016

JCSP Summer Celebration photo album

To mark the end of the Junior Cycle and the Junior Certificate Schools Programme a presentation was held in the library on Wednesday, 25th May. Mr. Sam Bogan presented a portfolio to each student in 3C and acknowledged their contribution to the school, class and himself. Good Luck to all the students in June.