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ласкаво просимо

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

On Thursday, 7th April, CCS welcomed several Ukrainian families to the community, and to the Community School. They were given a tour of the facilities in the morning and spent the afternoon in the parents' Home Ec. room. In an interesting twist, it was the visitors who prepared a delicious meal for the hosts - borscht and cherry gateaux (substituted with oranges at very short notice...) It was an excellent opportunity for our guests, staff and pupils to engage with each other, and in some ways try to come to terms with an extremely difficult and tragic situation. The tour continued in the evening to all corners of Inishowen. Thankfully, the weather got the memo. We would like to formally welcome our Ukrainian guests to the peninsula, the town and the school. We will have several new pupils after Easter and they'll need the support of the whole school community.


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