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Darragh D. Doherty Book Launch - 'The Universalist'

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Past pupil and author, Darragh D. Doherty recently hosted a book launch in Carndonagh Library, attended by Class TYE. The book in question is his debut novel 'The Universalist: Champion of the Stone Crown', a fantasy epic to rival the best that Tolkien has to offer. Find out more about Darragh at

Jack Farrell is a normal boy living an unremarkable life, until he unknowingly buys a magic orb that sends him to a whole new world. While in this strange, fantastical realm, he becomes tasked by a mysterious group called the God Guild with the deadly challenge of slaying a sly and sinister monster. With the aid of the world's alien inhabitants, including the curious huntress; Dimal Marsh, Jack embarks on a journey to transform himself into a hero.


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