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Megan Gallagher (TYF) Wins CCS Bake-off

The CCS Bake-Off Final took place yesterday in Room 403. Five finalists - Aoileann Donnelly, Leah Mc Lucas, Natasha Grant, Megan Gallagher and Sophie Doherty - were tasked with baking cakes themed "CCS 50th Anniversary". Special guest Claire the Baker came in to judge the cakes, so this was no gimme! Megan Gallagher (TY) won the competition and was presented with a nice new Silvercrest Mixer. As you can see from the five cakes, the standard was very high under pressure. Congrats to Megan, and very well done to all the bakers. The Bake-off looks like it's going to be a regular event and there are likely to be a few more judges turning up to the next one...


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