School Uniform Update (July 2021)

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the uniform policy was not strictly enforced last year. From September we will be returning to the full school uniform as outlined below. We are introducing a new half-zip which can be worn instead of a jumper and a separate half-zip which will form part of a new PE uniform.

Hoodies must not be worn in the school and will be confiscated.

From September all students are required to wear the school uniform as set out below:

CCS School Uniform:

  • Navy School Jumper or Navy Cardigan or Navy Half-Zip all with school crest.

  • Light Blue shirt

  • Grey (Charcoal) Trousers or Skirt or Pinafore. No Jeggings.

  • Appropriate Black Shoes

  • School Jacket or School Blazer or Navy Padded Jacket all with school crest or Generic Navy Jacket with no logos.

CCS Physical Education Uniform:

  • PE Half-Zip with school crest.

  • Black/Navy tracksuit bottoms or black/navy leggings

Students who have PE during the first two classes may come to school in their PE gear, provided that they change into their school uniform at the end of PE class.

(If Covid Restrictions are still in place when we return in August all students will wear their PE gear to school on the day they have PE.)

Some students may already have a half zip with school crest which they can wear for PE instead of purchasing a new one.


The PE Half-Zip (€28)* the Navy Half-Zip (€26)* and a Navy Padded Jacket (€33)* can be purchased online from at the link below. They will be available to order online (at the link below) from today, Friday 2nd July until Friday 23rd July.

Please contact for enquiries after the above closing date.

Sizing Chart available at

All other items including Navy Jackets are available from local stockists.

* These items can be initialised for an extra €1.