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The following page provides a comprehensive collection websites and online resources relating to Personal Guidance & Counselling, Career Guidance and Educational Guidance. Note that Subject Resources can be found below General Resources on mobile devices.

Personal Guidance & Counselling

Career Guidance




Educational Guidance

Study Resources General

(free/paid) A website with free resources (study plans, predictions, high-quality sample answers) along with paid notes that cover the whole course. All great content, well worth looking at, and samples are available before purchasing.



(free) How to revise, memorise and manage stress.


Crash Course (YouTube)

(free) This YouTube channel is not Leaving Certificate focused, but has great videos that cover broad areas of various subjects in an intuitive way. Watching these videos is a great way to become familiar with courses at a high level, before getting into the specifics with notes, textbooks or exam paper questions (particularly for physics and chemistry).


Dublin Academy of Education (YouTube)

(free) This YouTube channel features videos on many topics. Recently, they have begun to post even more course content, so there is likely something you will find useful on this channel. There’s also videos with general study tips, podcasts etc. Worth checking out.


Dundalk Study Academy (Instagram)

(free) Hosting a wide range of study techniques, subjects specific advice, and tips for how to keep your motivation going, this account is worth a look especially if you are finding it hard to keep yourself focused and organised during this disruption.

(free) The official website with timetables, exam papers and marking schemes.

(paid) Founded by three recent school-leavers, who between them got 30 As in the Junior Cert and over 1800 points in the Leaving Cert. provides an online grinds service for Leaving and Junior Cycle students.

(paid) Online grinds substitute featuring videos covering the entire subject syllabus for Junior and Leaving certificate subjects. Each subject costs money but can be a cost-effective solution for revision courses and long term guides.

(free) As it says on the tin.

(free/paid) A general purpose tool for helping with revision, including past papers, video tutorials, sample answers, multiple choice quizzes. A free trial is available so it’s worth giving a try.



(paid) A modern online grinds/personal tutoring service. Students are assigned tutors, are assigned work weekly and then personalized feedback videos are given. Starts at €25 per week, with discounts for additional subjects. They are also beginning to offer remote revision courses.



(free) An absolutely amazing free resource with thousands of lessons on many subjects. The website isn’t targeted at leaving certificate students but you can find the course content among the videos. Make sure to check this one out.

(free) LC - Accounting and English Resources.

(free) Click on the IXL section for Maths and English resources for each year.



(free/paid) An easy to use platform for making your own set of flashcards. Using flashcards can help avoid the inefficiency of needlessly writing notes. Popular amongst students and many card decks are easily available. While a premium version is available, the free version suits most people.

(free) Vast range of resources for every subject.



(free/paid) With study guides for many subjects and topics, including both leaving cert and further learning and other resources for college preparation, there is likely to be something you find worthwhile.

(free/paid) An essential exam-focused tool. Past exam questions are broken down by topic, mock papers, exam papers, maths video solutions. Various free and premium options available, highly recommended for all students.


Studynotes (

(free) Students and teachers can use the free platform to share their notes and resources.


Surviving The LC

(free) This blog is a collection of past student’s study notes in subjects such as Spanish, English, Geography, Biology, Economics, Maths and other general exam advice.

(free) This site has all of the same information as on the official site but is much easier and quicker to navigate – has all of the LC Exam Past Papers and Marking Schemes on one page.

(free) UK site but a lot of the material is relevant to the Irish curriculum.

(paid/free) Helps you work out how you learn best.

Study Resources by Subject

Accounting - The Business Guys

(free/paid) Accounting resources with notes, past paper solutions, questions grouped by type. There are also worked video tutorials available for €55, but there’s plenty of great great content.


Accounting - EGS Accounting

(free) This website contains past paper questions broken down by topic from 2019 to 1991. all past questions broken down. Notably, this contains more papers than studyclix, and so is a useful resource.


Accounting - My Study Mate

(free/paid) A series of videos covering various aspects of the Accounting course. The videos focus on showing the completion of exam questions.


Accounting - Protutor

(paid/free) Online Leaving Cert accounting webinars and videos topics aimed at fifth and sixth years.


Applied Maths - Exam Solutions

(free) Solutions to every Applied Maths exam all the way back to 1980. To do well in Applied Maths, you have to do loads of exam questions, and this resource will help you become unstuck.


Applied Maths -

(free) Resources to help with understanding and revision. Includes questions, past papers, marking schemes along with links to other websites and resources.


Applied Maths -

(free) An interesting website with some early exam papers and (most importantly) a difficulty rating of all past paper questions, which is great for targeting your revision to your skill level, along with a one sentence description of each question.


Applied Maths -

(free) A really cool website where you can run interactive simulations of the Applied Maths questions, so you can actually look at what’s happening. Includes simulations for connected particles, projectiles, relative velocity and impacts and collisions.


Art - Khan Academy Art History

Great resource to give students a more in-depth explanation about particular areas of art history.

Art - The Painter’s Table

Blog that features regular writing about painting related topics, exhibitions and techniques.

Art - Glebe House and Gallery

Local Gallery curator speaks about regular exhibitions featuring local and international artists.

Art - Irish Museum of Modern Art

Contains information about Artists, exhibitions, virtual tours etc. all applicable with the new Visual Studies of the Senior Cycle curriculum.

Art - The National Gallery

Contains information about Artists, exhibitions, virtual tours etc. all applicable with the new Visual Studies of the Senior Cycle curriculum.


Biology - Biology Bugbears

(free) This YouTube channel is aimed at Leaving Certificate students and covers the whole course. This is a popular resource and has lots of great videos.


Biology - Complete Leaving Cert Biology Definitions Quizlet



Biology -

(free) A new website with really good quality biology and chemistry videos, along with quizzes. (This was released only days ago, so some content is missing). Mainly aimed at A-Level students but there is a lot of overlap.


Biology -

(free) Covering the whole Leaving Certificate Biology course, this website has high quality notes for every topic in the syllabus, along with interactive revision questions.


Biology - Leaving Cert Biology Study Notes

(free) A complete set of notes for the Biology course. The full document is only 55 pages, so the text and wording is very condensed. You might be able to get some useful information from it.


Biology - Mandatory Practicals

(free) An illustrated set of notes for all mandatory practicals on the biology course, created by Declan Cathcart.


Biology - Mr C Biology

(free) Another incredibly comprehensive website containing notes, videos, mind maps, short questions, quizzes, mind maps, experiment videos and more. Make sure to have a look at this resource.


Biology - Short Questions by Topic

(free) This is a Google Drive folder containing short questions on almost all topics and it contains hundreds of questions per topic. Great for doing active revision of a topic after reading notes/watching videos.


Biology - The Conical Flask

(free) A website covering the entire Biology course, featuring slideshows, notes and task sheets with questions and solutions. I highly recommend this resource for both students and teachers.



Business - The Business Guys

(free/paid) An exam focused website with notes, exam help (with tips, timing, answering questions etc) along with solutions to many questions. While most content is free (and there is a lot of it), there is some paid content available.


Business - ExamRevision

(free/paid) The website has all Junior & Leaving Certificate video tutorials for students studying Business. The videos are short and condense lots of information in a few minutes.


Business - SGC Business

(free) A popular resource featuring a large collection of well-made and freely available notes and PowerPoints on the entire course.

The Business Guys

David Wilson


PDST Leaving Cert Business


PDST Junior Cycle Business Studies


Revise Wise


Student Enterprise Programme



Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship


Future Sparks



Chemistry - Chemistry Teachers Reference Handbook

(free) While not suitable for everyone, for a student who wants more information about a topic or a teacher who is preparing material, this document is a comprehensive (600 page) guide to every single little bit of the chemistry course. Great if you want to dive deep into the subject whilst staying focused on the Leaving Certificate level content.


Chemistry - Mandatory Experiment Videos

(free) This YouTube channel contains every mandatory experiment on the chemistry course, and was created to accompany the ‘Chemistry Live’ textbook. The explanations are clear and the videos are a good resource for studying for Q1 to 3 in the exam.


Chemistry - The Conical Flask

(free) Probably the best resource on the internet for Leaving Certificate chemistry. Every topic on the syllabus is covered in detail with videos and slideshows, along with high quality notes and questions with solutions. I’d highly recommend this website to every Leaving Cert chemistry student.



DCG - The DCGist

(free) An amazing resource for the DCG project, showing you exactly what you need to do in order to get high marks. It also includes some nice videos on how to effectively study DCG, and a 12-week study guide for the exam.


DCG - DCG Revision Notes

(free) This is a 150 slide revision guide created by Joe Lyster. The notes are focused on exam questions (as your revision should be) and is a good way to make sure you cover every topic within your revision.


DCG - GMIT Technical Graphics

(free) A playlist of high quality videos covering different aspects of the DCG course. Most of the ‘harder’ parts of the questions (the parts at the end of the drawing questions) are explained in a straightforward way, so that you actually understand the steps in the solution.


DCG - Irish Graphics Teacher

(free) Will Nolan is sharing graphics videos on the IrishGraphicsTeacher channel.


DCG - St. Colmcille’s DCG Website

(free) This website has a range of content, of varying quality. There is good information about the DCG project, along with a large number of examples, along with some notes on the DCG course.


Economics - The Business Guys

(free) Comprehensive notes and grouped past questions, well worth checking out.


Economics - Jacob Clifford

(free) While not just for Leaving Certificate students, this YouTube channel features popular explanations of economic concepts, which is useful before doing more exam focused revision.


Economics - Tutor School Economics

(free) This resource is a Leaving Certificate focused guide to economics, featuring high quality notes, sample questions/answers and news articles. This site also collates videos which help explain various parts of the course quite well.



Engineering -

(free) Exercises and notes for Engineering and Technology students, the website design is a bit off putting but there is some really nice content here if there is something on the course that you don’t understand.



English -

(free) English teacher Aoife O’Driscoll has a free website and has been uploading notes for Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert English on it for over ten years now.


English - Connemara Community Radio English Podcast

(free) A little known yet valuable resource, this is a series of podcasts covering a large amount of the material on the Leaving Certificate English course including poets, the single text and guidance on the essays. The podcasts feature teachers from the Institute of Education and is an exam focused resource.


English - Exam Solutions 2009 - 2016

(free) These exam solutions (if there exists such a thing for English) are written by Aoife from They serve as sample answers that can show you the types of things you need to be looking out for in the exam.


English - Gill Critical Poetry Notes

(free) An incredibly comprehensive set of notes on all aspects of the Leaving Certificate poetry course. Each poet is given a background, a general summary, and aspects of style etc. Each poem is also examined in detail, including style and various interpretations of the poem. A great resource for both students and teachers.


English - Hamlet: No Fear Translation

(free) A ‘modern translation’ of Hamlet, with a study guide that includes summaries, quotes, character descriptions and an analysis of the play. The ‘translation’ explains the more complex Shakespearean phrasing in an easy to understand way.


English - How to Memorise a Poem

(free) Nice resource with memorisation techniques for poetry if that is something that you struggle with.


English -

(free) While this blog is no longer active, there is a very large number of articles which serve as a great guide to all aspects of the Leaving Certificate course. If you’re looking for tips, advice, notes or answers to you questions, you’ll probably find them on this website.


English - LitCharts

(free) Large poster-style documents containing almost every comparative and single text on the syllabus and is a good resource for getting information on themes, issues, some scenes and characters.


English -

Run by Julian Girdham at St Columba’s College in Rathfarnham, has lots of resources for post-primary English, and more resources and ideas on


English -

(mostly paid, but some free) Specialists in English notes.


English - Mr. Tobin Leaving Cert English

(free) This YouTube channel is only a few days old but contains good notes on Wordsworth, and I expect that videos will continue to be added.



French -

Students of French should check out teacher Natasha Lynch’s excellent resources, which are available on Her Snapchat account is particularly popular.

Study Resources by Subject

Geography - 2010 - 2014 Paper Solutions

(free) Some sample questions to past papers with essays of a moderate standard. Good for trying to find where to begin when writing an essay.


Geography - Eoin Hughes’ Geography Videos

(free) Great videos about leaving certificate physical geography showing formation of features and processes involved. Also contains videos about the Investigation coursework project.


Geography - Eoin Hughes’ Geography Drive

(free) This is a geography teacher’s personal drive that they have shared containing all of their teaching notes. Some content is teaching focused but it is a good resource all the same. Leaving Cert Geography resources here: and Junior Cert resources here:


Geography - ExamRevision

(free/paid) The website covers the entire Junior & Leaving Certificate course in short video tutorials.


Geography - Precision Revision

(paid) This is a great resource for students looking for an alternative and exam focused approach to Leaving Certificate Geography. They have a comprehensive field work guide, sample answers for past paper questions and guides on exam technique. They also have freely available podcasts which can be found on popular podcast apps.


Geography - Rochestown College - Sample Answers from Students

(free) Here is a selection of essays written by students, they are quite mixed in terms of quality but are worth a look through all the same.


Geography - SRPs Model Answer Book

(free) This book contains some lists of SRPs for various essays which can help you when you are writing an essay you haven’t done before.


Geography - The Geography Page

(free) This website has some very high-quality sample essays and notes and is an essential resource for geography.

Time for Geography (videos)

Accessible, contemporary issues covered,

Geography - World Population Clock

Up to date info, easily interpreted


Geography - Scoilnet

Access to maps of different scale, local and national


Geography - National Geographic (magazine)

Worldwide geographic events, linked to CBAs,


Geography - Live Worksheets

Coverage of current geographic events and topics, linked to CBAs,



History -

(free) A pretty comprehensive website for Leaving Certificate History. Contains notes, information about the research project, revision guides and more. NOTE: at the time of writing, this website was down so this link is to an archived version.


History - History Matters 365

(free) Another decent resource but more of a coalition of other resources from around the internet. Might be more useful as an accompaniment to other exam preparation materials.


History -

The lives and experiences of women in Waterford’s Magdalene Laundry can be a great case study for history and CSPE students, @AnBurcach (Stephen Bourke) suggests.



Irish - 2020 Sraith Pictiúr Notes by Studyclix

(free) Comprehensive notes for the Sraith Pictiúr created by Studyclix. These notes are at a H1 standard and are very clear, great for preparing for the oral.


Irish - AN TRIAIL le Máiréad Ní Ghráda

(free) An amateur production of An Triail in video format, available on YouTube, created by a group of fifth years. Some may enjoy and some may dislike the style, so your mileage may vary.


Irish - Gaelport Eolas

(free) A YouTube channel best known for it’s high quality videos of the poems on the Irish course, which you have to read in the oral. Watching these videos can help you get a handle on the pronunciation, so you can get full marks in this part of the exam.

Irish -

Teacher John Gavin has hosted this website since 2001; it provides a host of updated learning resources relating to Leaving Cert Irish orals and the written exam. There are free daily webinars that anyone can watch live or look back on.


Irish - Stephen Heffernan (@shffnn)

Leaving Cert students can keep themselves fresh by using the Vifax resources from NUI Maynooth where they take a story or two from Nuacht TG4 each week and prepare worksheets on them.

Irish - Nós

Contemporary online magazine dealing with current affairs which encourages students to read about topics that they are interested in and enhances their Irish vocabulary - Senior Students

Irish - Meon Eile

Website in Ulster Irish that has visual and written pieces on topical subjects.  Encourages students to read and watch videos about topics that they are interested in in Ulster Irish and enhances their Irish vocabulary - Senior Students

Irish - Beatha le Bua

This is a series of short biographies of world-famous people with a particular emphasis on Irish heroes. They were written to encourage students to read independently. The series now contains over 80 booklets as well as a number of spoken books and it would be simple and enjoyable for first year students.

Irish - Scoilnet

Has a very broad range of valuable revision notes and worksheets for both junior and senior cycle students.


Irish - Duo Lingo

A language learning app/ websiote that can be used in progressing in any language.


Irish - TG4 Foghlaim

This is aimed at senior cycle students to help them with a visual representation of their poetry and prose course

Irish - BBC Bitesize

This website aimed at junior cycle students to help them progress and expand their vocabulary with the language.



Maths - ExamLearn

(free/paid) A Studyclix alternative that has some good quality videos on the Leaving Certificate Maths course, which are freely available on their Youtube.


Maths - ExamRevision

(free/paid) The entire Junior Certificate/Cycle course is complete in short video tutorials which make it easy for the students to understand.


Maths - eMaths

(free) A variety of resources including notes, flashcards, questions, videos and more. The website design/interface is a little hard to use but there is some good quality content regardless.


Maths - Joyce Mahon's Maths Teaching Resources

Maths teacher Joyce Mahon has compiled Leaving Cert suggestions on


Maths -

(paid) A website with cheat sheets for the Leaving Certificate Maths and Applied Maths course. Also includes solutions to past exam paper questions, and free resources for the proofs and constructions.


Maths - Miss Keegan’s Math Videos

(free) Another YouTube channel featuring free videos about a wide range of Leaving Cert Maths questions. Make sure to look at the playlists to find videos grouped by topic.


Maths - Molloy Maths

(free) A website with a variety of resources for Leaving Cert Maths, most useful are the past paper solutions and some of the video lessons. A lot of the resources from are uploaded here also.


Maths - Activities

(free) A set of resources and activities for the project maths course, most likely more suitable for teachers, but you may find something of use if stuck.


Maths -

(mostly paid) An online platform for Leaving Certificate mathematics including videos, automatically graded exercises, and worked past paper solutions which covers the entire course. This website is primarily a paid service with some free resources. Discount: currently there is 50% off full membership.


Maths - UCD Leaving Certificate Maths Videos

(free) UCD has created videos covering the entire Leaving Certificate higher and ordinary level mathematics course, and they are freely available. These videos are high quality, and are a great alternative to other paid resources.

Maths - The Dot and the Line

Interesting introduction of geometry using storytelling.


Maths - Mathigon

Interactive, covers a mathematical timeline, storytelling, discovering real life application of maths and history of maths.

Maths - Desmos

Linking terminology with visual representation of graphs and functions.



Physics - 2014 Leaving Cert Physics Solutions

(free) While only for one year, this YouTube playlist covers the entire of the 2014 exam paper, with animated explanations. This is a great resource for seeing good exam technique in action.


Physics - C4 Science

(free) A YouTube channel with a large number of videos, notably including all of the mandatory experiments and the non-mandatory demonstrations performed.


Physics - Loreto Balbriggan Physics

(free) A list of all of the experiments and (more importantly) a large number of worked solutions to past paper questions.


Physics -

(free) A really cool website where you can run interactive simulations of all 24 mandatory experiments within your browser. A great way to revise alongside watching the experiments performed on video.


Physics - Physics Teachers Reference Handbook

(free) Just like the aforementioned chemistry handbook, this is a comprehensive guide to Leaving Certificate physics, which goes into extreme detail. If you want to know more about an aspect of the course, or maybe you’re confused or want a deeper understanding, this is a great resource. However, keep in mind that this is aimed at qualified teachers!


Physics - The Physics Teacher

(free) This is the resource for Physics students. It has notes on every part of the course, and is used frequently by students and teachers all over the country. Highly recommended.


Physics - has a resources section and is covering topics for Junior and Leaving Cert physics while telling the story of related physicists.



Politics & Society - Pol Soc Podcast

(free) covers all things and is presented by Dr Jerome Devitt, a teacher of Politics & Society, History, and English. This is a great resource for exam candidates, with podcasts and blog posts for students about Politics and Society with notes on each podcast available also.


RE - BBC Bitesize – Religious Studies

Supports revision for Junior Cycle topics.

RE - Scoilnet

Irish resources created by teachers. Very good Powerpoints.

RE -

Resources for prayer and reflection

RE - Junior Cycle Religious Education (JCRE)

Key words/points and examinations hints.



Science - Focus Magazine

Simplified and interesting reading (broad range of topics)

Science News for Students

Broad range of topics covered, free resource.

Science - Scoilnet

Extensive resources 

Science - National Geographic

Visual, relevant, up to date

Science - BBC Bitesize

Keyword quizzes


Science - Aquila

JC Science, relevant to SOW, great diagrams, simplified. 

The Scientist

Science articles.

Science - Institute of Physics

Up to date, relevant.

Science - PHET Simulation

Simulations for different science concepts.

Science - The Conical Flask

Notes, videos, simulations, quizzes.

Science - The Physics Teacher

Notes for students.


Spanish - PANCOMIDO: Learning & Teaching Spanish

(free) Spanish teacher Susan Leahy has a free website for Spanish teachers and students, with lots of resources for the now-cancelled Leaving Cert orals and the higher-level essay questions.



Wood Technology -

(free/paid) A series of free presentations of all 21 Building Details for students of Construction Studies. Great for study and revision.


Wood Technology - MTW & Beyond

(free) A website with free resources such as links to exam papers and marking schemes, short answer exam questions and solutions, introduction to board drawing, Orthographic Projection questions and solutions, cutting list questions and a guide to JC coursework.

(Technology - General Links)


Useful for tree growth and identification.

On Shape

3D Visualisation.


Done Deal

Prices of tools and equipment, images relevant to student interests.

Home Bond Housing Building Manual



Images of examples of potential projects for visual learners.

Interactive website to enhance visualisation and best practice.

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