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School Uniform - May 2024

Updated: 1 day ago

Students are expected to come to school every day in full school uniform. Only items listed below and shown in the attached photographs are regarded as school uniform.


CCS School Uniform: 

  • Navy School Jumper or Navy Cardigan or Navy Half-Zip or PE Half-Zip - all with school crest.

  • Light Blue shirt or Plain Light Blue Round Neck T-Shirt

  • Grey (Charcoal) Trousers or Skirt or Pinafore. (Similar to those in the photographs below) Skirts and Pinafores must be of the same material as the grey trousers. No jeggings.

  • Appropriate Black Shoes

  • School Jacket or School Blazer or Navy Padded Jacket or Navy Hybrid Jacket - all with school crest, or Generic Navy Jacket with no logo.


CCS Physical Education Uniform:

  • CCS PE Half-Zip or any other sports top (except hoodies) may be worn to PE class.

  • Black/Navy tracksuit bottoms or black/navy leggings


Hoodies must not be worn in the school and will be confiscated.



Navy Jackets, navy jumpers, grey skirts and pinafores and school trousers are available in local shops.


The PE Half-Zip (€28)*, the Navy Quarter-Zip (€26)*, the Navy Padded Jacket (€35)and the Navy Hybrid Jacket (€36)* can be purchased online from at the link below. The link is now open and will remain open until the 14th June. After the 14th June there will be an extra cost of €2 per item.



Sizing Chart available at


* These items can be initialised for an extra €1.


Sanctions will be imposed on those who arrive in school not wearing a school uniform. These sanctions will include parents being asked to bring in the missing uniform items.




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