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Camera Club - March Competition Theme - Movement

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Our March competition theme is 'Movement'. There are loads of great entries already. More welcome! If you're not in you can't win...

The mini-theme for this week is 'Barriers!' Barriers can hold us back. Barriers can keep us safe. You could consider gates, fences, hedges, walls, doors, facemasks or railings as barriers.

(Please don't post photos of people (especially children) without their consent and their parents' / guardians' consent if needed.)

CCS Camera Club...Who, What, How? The Camera Club is an opportunity for students and staff of CCS, Carndonagh, to share photos and photo tips, and enter competitions and challenges for fun. All levels welcome! Phone cameras are the most common camera club members have. Simply log into the Google Classroom for the Club and check out the latest posts. Code: 4kemm22. The monthly themes challenge us to take notice, stay connected, be creative and learn new skills. Each competition winner of the monthly theme wins a prize (worth about €10 for the rest of this year). Photos must be taken by yourself and be appropriate in accordance with CCS policies.

The weekly mini-themes are just for fun, but some of the photos will be posted on the new school website, or printed and put up on the Club Notice Board outside 306A. Please say which theme you are following when posting photos, and give your photo a title if you can, e.g. MOVEMENT: ‘Wheels in Motion’. That speeds things up when scrolling through to pick winners.

Any queries or suggestions, message Yvonne O’Brien.


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