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Clonmany Community Pantry #peopleproduceplanet

What is the Community Pantry?

"Clonmany Community Centre has been working alongside FoodCloud since

2018 helping to place a focus on food waste. Through this connection, in 2022

alone, we have collected and redistributed over 15,982kg of food (the equivalent of almost 38,052 meals) and has 51,142kg of CO2 savings."

Is Clonmany Community Pantry a Foodbank?

"No. The Community Pantry is not a project focusing on ones needs but rather a

project with a focus on food wastage, climate action, and it also offers more

sustainable food choices for our community. The Pantry operates on a

membership basis with an annual registration fee of €15 to register with the

pantry. When registering with a pantry membership each member is in turn

agreeing to sign up to the ethos of Clonmany Community Pantry - Clonmany

Community Pantry is about our people, maximum use of produce and

protecting our planet."

DOWNLOAD Info Poster

Clonmany Pantry Info Poster
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