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Duncan Stewart Launches EcoCarn Biodiversity Report

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

CCS welcomed renowned Environmentalist, Duncan Stewart to the discussion table during the launch of the EcoCarn biodiversity report on Monday, 18th October.

Duncan also met with TY Coordinators from local schools - CCS, Crana College and Moville Community College - with a view to expanding a TY Biodiversity Programme; his initial aim is for schools to incorporate a series of bite-sized modules into their TY programmes.

An outline of the course...

Founders of Eco Ed 4 All, a team of experts have recently developed a curriculum on Environmental Education for Transition Years in Irish schools, incorporating a CPD course for teachers that covers a range of key Environmental themes.

This TY course identifies the key environmental challenges, their impacts, causes and future trajectory, and their consequences and mitigation solutions, which include:

  • Climate Change (science, impacts, causes and future trajectory).

  • Climate mitigation by use of ‘near-zero-carbon’ home design & build environment - such as sustainable options for transport, heating, power generation, and embodied carbon of building materials and products.

  • Sustainable food production and farm practice options.

  • Impacts to biodiversity & ecosystems, and ways to restore, protect and enhance.

  • Land Use & Spatial Planning - trees/forest plantations and sustainable use of Irish timber for the structure of buildings.

  • Circular Economy - remedies that prevent/reduce waste, air & water pollution.

  • Addressing the environmental and climate impacts to people in the Developing World.

  • Appreciation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030.


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