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LCA Sports Day Report

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Classes 5I and 5J recently organised a sports day for two 1st year classes (1C and 1F) as part of their LCA General Education task. Over a five week period the 5th year students had been practising all the events involved including Long Jump, Shot Putt, Relay Races, Table Tennis and Tug O War.

Every LCA student had a number of roles - coach, referee, scorekeeper, photographer, etc. They made posters for the tournament and also produced some healthy homemade protein energy balls for the students.

The 1st year students absolutely loved the day and all students participated excellently. After a series of close encounters played in very good spirits, 1C came out as eventual winners.

Well done to all the 1st years for taking part and behaving well. Well done to all the students in 5I and 5J who coordinated the event superbly.



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