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October Sports Report

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In the absence of actual live sport in CCS, we've turned to the International scene for our sports fix. So far this week there has been a current pupil scoring goals for the U17 Women's Irish team, and a past-pupil rubbing shoulders with goal scorers in the Senior Men's Irish team.

Past-pupil and All-Ireland winning soccer coach, Liam Mooney was guest of honour at the Ireland-Qatar game on Tuesday past. Liam observed a pre-match training session and met all the main men in the Irish setup. He'll have plenty to take back to Glengad FC, and we have no doubt that he left some wisdom in Dublin as well.

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Meanwhile, Ellie Long is once again making headlines for the U17 Women's International team. Ellie jetted off to Norway this week to take part in a three-match first qualifying phase for the European Championships. You guessed it...she scored against the Bulgarians and now has the host nation in her sights. Everyone at CCS wishes Ellie the best of luck against Norway on Friday, although it'll probably be the Norweigans who need the luck. The U17s are on some run at the minute...

U17 Women EURO Quali. League A - Round 1 - Group 1

Ireland 3-0 Bulgaria (Match Report)


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