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Science Week Review

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

During Science Week, 6th year students took part in the ISTA Donegal branch Senior Science Quiz in The Royal & Prior Comprehensive School, Raphoe.


Students also took part in classroom experiments during science week...


Water Warriors

First year students took part in a quiz during Science Week to win a trip to the Water Warriors show. This event was held in the Millennium Forum, Derry, hosted by the Loughs Agency with ‘Mark the Science Guy’ entertaining 900 students from across Donegal and Derry.


Other Science News...

BOC The Secret World of Gases

Kieran Hennessy from BOC gases gave a live demonstration to third year students demonstrating the contraction, expansion, change of state and the fire triangle. He made clouds, shrunk balloons and created loud noises and explosions with gases, all in the effort of trying to increase interest in science and engineering.


Chemistry at Work Exhibition, Queen’s Belfast

6th year Chemistry students travelled to Queen’s University Belfast to attend the annual Chemistry at Work Exhibition. They visited a number of Exhibitors including Northern Ireland Water, Norbrook pharmaceuticals, Dale farm and the National Museum of Northern Ireland. Eakin Healthcare demonstrated how they make Stomas, Spirit AeroSystems explained the chemistry behind anodising aluminium used in the manufacture of aeroplanes and Catagen promoted renewable energy and how they clean and decarbonise the air.


Physics Tour @ QUB

6th Year Leaving Cert Physics pupils enjoyed a tour of the Physics labs at Queen's University, Belfast. They received talks from some of the lecturers, tours of the Taranis laser facility and ANSIN lab, enjoyed some interactive sessions and chatted with some of the PHD students involved in astrophysics. A very productive and enjoyable day out.


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