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September HEROes

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

The HERO programme rewards students in each of the junior class groups each month. To qualify for the treats at CCS - be Here Every day, Ready and On time for class. September's HEROes are as follows...

1A - Michaela Ruddy; 1B - Ava McGonagle; 1C - Finn Duffy; 1D - Brendan Doherty; 1E - Darragh Harkin; 1F - Lucie Callaghan; 1G - Conor Doherty


2A - Oran McLaughlin; 2B - Danny Óg Cooney; 2C - Grainne Harkin; 2D - Kate Lafferty;

2E - Kai Doherty; 2F - Lorcan Doherty; 2G - Alanna Mae Farrell; 2H - Violet Karunaratne-Bredin


3A - Alex Butler; 3B - Breana Harkin; 3C - Aoife Doherty; 3D - Conor Mc Daid;

3E - Luke Doherty; 3F - Ella Burke; 3G - Sean Mc Laughlin; 3H - Philip Doherty


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