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TY Mentoring Easter Trip

The TY Mentors and 1st Year Mentees enjoyed a wonderful day at the beautiful Glenevin Waterfall, Clonmany, on the last day of school before the Easter Break. Thankfully the weather was perfect for the occasion and the sun shone all afternoon.

Some of the TY students were given the very important job of hiding 100 small Easter Eggs and the rest of the students were set the task of finding them. We never did get a final count of the amount found, as some students ate them when they were found (we can’t blame them) so there may still be some up there! After a relaxing walk the students enjoyed a lovely selection of treats at Rose Cottage Craft Shop beside the Glen House.

When we arrived back to school, all the students got an Easter Egg and we played bingo, where the prizes for the winners were...more Easter Eggs! We finished off the last few minutes of the day outside, enjoying the sunshine.


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