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Our Ukrainian Pupils Review Their Time in CCS

The Ukrainian pupils have been with us since after the Easter holidays. They have settled well into life at CCS. When asked how their experience has been so far, these are a few of their responses...

Max (17) from Odessa. He enjoys boxing and playing football. In the future he hopes to become a Lawyer My days at the Irish school are just wonderful. I really like it here. The teachers at this school are very kind, welcoming and friendly. We have the best teacher in the world, her name is Ms Sellick, she's very funny and cool. The subjects at this school are very interesting and exciting, the teachers help and support us in each lesson. We have a very friendly and cheerful team in our classroom, 339. I feel very comfortable here. I have enjoyed expeditions the most. We recently went to Culdaff beach with TY and it was so much fun. Next week we are going to Derry to the cinema and bowling, I cannot wait for this. Overall, the Irish school is very cool and I really like it here. Borys (15) from Donetsk. He is staying in Malin Head with his Mum, Dad and younger twin brothers I am enjoying my time at school. I like PE because we get to play basketball. I enjoy going to lessons with the Irish kids and have met many friends. I enjoy Woodwork with Mr Doherty and Metalwork with Mr McCaron, we made a robot! I enjoy the food at school, especially the sausage rolls! The canteen ladies make a lovely salad for lunch, it's tasty. One day, we went shopping for ingredients and all helped to make our national dish of Borscht- the teachers had some for lunch and they all agreed it was very delicious. Arsenii (17) from Kharkiv. He enjoys Art and hopes to become a tailor in the future I feel very comfortable in this school. Everyone treats me well, protects and educates me. I like to sit in the lessons because the teachers are interesting. I have enjoyed learning about Irish poetry with Ms McLaughlin. We often go for walks with other Irish pupils, for example to the beach and last week we went to caffe Banba. We enjoyed some milkshakes, I got a chocolate one and some cake. Kirill (14) from Kyiv. He enjoys playing video games and watching movies in his spare time I have met many friends in Ireland and this school. I enjoy PE classes, especially playing basketball and football. I also have been enjoying extra woodwork classes at lunchtime club. I made a wooden calendar, it is very cool. I like the food in this school. At small break the sausage rolls are lovely. Alla, teaches German and Literature in Melitopol. She is staying in the Malin Hotel with her two children We were received very well at school. I am grateful to the school administration for creating comfortable conditions for our children, and they gave me a job. Children continue to study, go on excursions, attend various events and I see that this brings them a lot of pleasure. My colleague Andrea helps children improve their English every day. Everyone at the school is friendly and helpful. Thank you for everything you do for us. Emir (15) from Zapotizhzhia, His passion is football I have been enjoying my time at school. I love PE and have been attending 4 times a week. I love playing football and my favourite player is Ronaldo. Mr Doherty has helped me become a member of Carndongh FC under 15's and I have played in matches. My little brother Eren is also in our class, he enjoys playing games in lessons, especially Uno, Guess who? and Dobble.


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