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Stand Up Awareness Week - 15th-19th November

National Stand-Up Awareness Week takes place from the 15th to 19th November. The aim is for schools to take a stand against homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic bullying. It's an opportunity to continue to make our school a safe and supportive environment for LGBTI+ young people. A list of all our activities for this week can be found at

Our Activities for National Stand-Up Awareness Week

  • 80-minute LGBTI+ workshops for 1st Years on Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th hosted by Donegal Youth Service.

  • LGBTI+ badges for 1st Years.

  • Staff LGBTI+ badges & stickers for laptops.

  • Repainting for LGBTI+ sign in canteen plus any other signs throughout the school.

  • LGBTI+ ​flag flown on our school grounds.

  • LGBTI+ stickers offered to students across all year groups distributed in SPHE classes.


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