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Stand-Up Awareness Week Poster Competition

During Stand-Up Week, 1st Year classes took part in a Poster Competition to show their support for LGBTQ+ students.

There were some excellent entries and the hard task of judging was ably assisted by TY and LCA students, where the top 5 Posters were chosen.

  1. Eva Mullins 1G

  2. Rosie McLaughlin 1C

  3. Aidan Browne 1C

  4. Crea McLaughlin 1G

  5. Dearbhla McCallion 1B

Pictured are some of the winning artists with their entries. The winning posters were displayed in the office and the other excellent entries are on display in the first corridor. Well done to everyone who took part in the competition, we all support our LGBTQ+ students.


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