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TY Trip to European Parliament, Brussels

Did you know that chocolate was first created by a pharmacist called Neuhaus to cover pills so that children would be more inclined to take their medicine?? This is just one of the nuggets of information that the TYs picked up on their educational visit to Belgium this week.

The students enjoyed a visit to Tyne Cot cemetery in the picturesque town of Ypres to visit the mass grave of soldiers who fell during World War I. They learned about the origins and production of chocolate on a visit to a Belgian chocolate factory, about the wonders of the natural world in the Museum of Natural Sciences and had a guided walking tour of the city of Brussels, all before spending a day in the EU Parliament buildings and being addressed by MEPs on the issues that are currently and will continue to affect them as EU citizens... not to mention being interviewed by Highland Radio on the importance of the voice of young people in our government! They certainly deserved having their fair share of Belgian waffles and chocolate after that!

It was a fantastic experience and the staff members who accompanied the students could not stress enough how impressed they were with how well everyone conducted themselves throughout. They did CCS and their families proud!


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