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U15 Girls Cruise to Victory v Crana

CCS 3-0 Crana

Match Report by Aoife Doherty and Shauneen McLaughlin

Crana College broke upfront from kickoff. A block from Zara Devlin and a pass from Eimear Doherty got it up the line to Orla Ward, who beat two players and slotted the ball into the net. 1-0 to CCS! Brilliant passing from a throw-in led to Orla having another shot, but the keeper made a great catch and save. Keeva Conaghan got the ball into her feet and hit a good shot that narrowly went wide. Aine McLaughlin also put pressure on the Crana College defence. Eimear Doherty passed it straight to Keeva's feet in the box, where she beat her marker and sent a fine shot into back of the net. 2-0 to CCS with only twelve minutes gone. A cross from Keeva to Maeve Doherty lead to a shot on goal, but it was blocked by a Crana defender. Saoirse Monagle and Eimear Doherty produced some great interchanges on the wings, and centre-backs Zara Devlin and Holly Fallon held strong against any pressure. Orla sent a high cross towards the net and Keeva helped finish for a goal. 3-0 to CCS. The match was over after 17 minutes!

Crana College applied some pressure from a corner, leading to a powerful shot that went just wide. Holly Fallon then blocked a great run from a Crana College forward. Imogen McCallion still had to produce a couple of fine saves, and easily tidied up any loose balls. Crana College finally started putting pressure on the CCS defence, but the defenders held strong. Ava McGonagle, Niamh Lafferty and Aine McLaughlin got some great passing going in midfield. Niamh Lafferty earned a free-kick just outside the box, but Crana managed to control the situation. A pass from Niamh to Aine lead to a fine run up the wing. The cross to Maeve was snuffed out, with Maeve sustaining an injury in the process. Crana College's Carly McColgan made a quick run towards Carn's defence, but Zara and Holly kept the pressure on her and her shot went wide. Niamh Lafferty had a shot in the opposite direction that just missed the target.

After half-time, Crana College put good pressure on Carn's half. Orla tracked back with a brilliant defensive run to get the ball off the Buncrana player. Next, it was Maeve's turn to have a go. It was a fine shot that went narrowly wide. Crana College won a couple of corners in quick succession, but CCS defended very well. Another corner made it to the CCS goal line, but keeper Imogen McCallion made a great save to keep the scoresheet clean. With the Buncrana tails up, a high shot came in from their number 8, but Imogen was there again, making a high catch to save. A great long pass from Maeve to Keeva gave Keeva a good shooting opportunity, but the second half was all about the goalkeepers - the Crana College keeper saving it well. The second half remained tight with both teams playing well. Crana College had a corner in the final seconds, but the CCS defence was not going to be beaten today. Final Score CCS 3-0 Crana.


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