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Ukrainian Families Enjoy Lansdowne Road Trip (and the Win)

On Wednesday morning, 8th June, a busload of hopeful and expectant Ukrainian families headed off to the Ireland-Ukraine game at Lansdowne Road. They were joined by a handful of CCS pupils and staff, led by Mr. Conor Doherty, who knew they were in for a tough night on the pitch. As it turned out, the Ukrainian football manager put out his second-string eleven, offering some hope to the Irish in attendance. It made little difference, with the Ukranians enjoying the best of the game and producing the best of the atmosphere as well. The action on the pitch was obviously of secondary importance as the people of Ukraine once again demonstrated their strength in the face of adversity. The return fixture takes place in Łódź, Poland on Tuesday night. Our pupils have requested a bus...No response so far from Mr. McGuinness.


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