First Years - Back to School - Bus Arrangements (28th August)

First Years will return to school on Friday, 28th August, finishing at 12.30pm.

Carndonagh CS has arranged transport with the regular bus operators to provide buses to and from the school for all First Years on Friday, 28th. Pupils should assemble at the usual pickup points.

Schedule of Re-opening & BOOKSHOP / Calendar of Holidays

The Bookshop will be open on Thursday, 27th August from 3pm until 5.30pm for all students who still have to get books or School Journals. S.P.H.E. books for First, Second and Third Years will be in stock. The Spanish Book "Practicamos" will also be on sale for Third Years.

School reopens as follows:

Friday, 28th August : First Years
Assemble at 9.00. a.m. in the Aras to be given timetables. Buses will leave at 12.30. Bring School Journal and a pen.

Monday, 31st August : Fifth Years
Timetables can be collected in the Bookshop on 27th August.

Tuesday, 1st September : Second, Third and Fourth Years
Third Years can collect their timetables in the Bookshop on 27th August. Second and Fourth Years will receive their timetables in the post on Monday 31st August.

Wednesday, 2nd September : TY and Fourth & Fifth Year L.C.A.

Calendar of Mid-terms, Easter, etc.

Back-to-School 2015-16 : Booklists

CCS Reading Pinterest Recommendations

CCS PinterestOpen up the link, open up a book and jump in! Summer reading ideas for all ages and all genres. 

"Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light."

October 2015 mid-term break 

All schools will close from Monday 26th October 2015 to Friday 30th October 2015 inclusive. 
Christmas 2015 
All schools will close on Tuesday 22nd December 2015, which will be the final day of the school term. 
All schools will re-open on Wednesday 6th January 2016.


February 2016 mid-term break 
Post-primary schools will close from Monday 15th February 2016 to Friday 19th February 2016 inclusive unless changes are required as part of contingency arrangements to make up for time lost due to unforeseen school closures. 
( Where contingency arrangements are required a school authority may reduce the length of the February mid-term break by remaining open up to and including Wednesday 17th February 2016. )


Easter 2016 
All schools will close on Wednesday 16th  March 2016 which will be the final day of the school term, unless changes are required as part of contingency arrangements to make up for time lost due to unforeseen school closures. ( Where contingency arrangements are required a school authority may reduce the length of the Easter break by remaining  open up to and  including Wednesday 23rd March 2016. )
All schools will re-open on Monday 4th April 2016.


May Day: Monday 2nd May 2016
Last day of Term: Friday 3rd June 2016

Leaving Cert Results Day photo album

Note: Guidance will be available in Carndonagh CS on Wednesday, 19th August, 10am-1pm. No appointment needed.


Congratulations to all our pupils who received their Leaving Cert. results today. It is very satisfying to see pupils achieve and be able to progress on the next stage of their journey into adulthood. Whereas the press always seem to narrow the focus on the pupil(s) who do exceptionally well, and indeed the number of pupils who achieved very high points in the 400+ and 500+ is very significant this year, we take pride in the achievements of all our pupils.

With all the attention nationally on failures in Honours Maths, it is a tremendous achievement that we had no pupil fail Honours Maths. Indeed, a number of A grades were achieved in the subject.

I wish to acknowledge the efforts of the pupils and the work of their teachers over the past two years and also to record the support and encouragement given by so many parents to get their children out to school every day. Regular attendance at school remains the best foundation for success.

On behalf of everyone at the school I extend my best wishes to all the pupils who have now come of age and are moving on from secondary school. I wish to thank them for their contribution to the school and I hope they carry good memories of their time here. I have high hopes that they will build on their Leaving Cert. achievements and that we can be proud of them representing their school, their family and their community wherever they go.

Paul Fiorentini, Principal

Nadene Fiorentini 2015On 26th May, nationally renowned pianist and former student, Nadene Fiorentini performed for pupils and staff in Room 406. Nadene's star has been rising on the national scene over the past few years and she has consistently received awards and accolades for her remarkable talent. She is currently completing a PHD in Music Performance with the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Our students recently watched Nadene perform at the University of Ulster Magee, and she has performed on a number of occasions in the National Concert Hall in Dublin. Nadene also recently released a solo CD. CCS wished Nadene all the best in her studies and future performances.

TY Dance 2015-178

TY Dance Show 2015 photo album

That's all, folks! Video coming soon...... - "Changing Minds about Mental Health, One Conversation at a Time"

You may have noticed pupils from Carndonagh CS recently wearing green ribbons as part of their uniform. The Green Ribbon Campaign gave pupils and staff the opportunity to use a simple symbol to raise awareness of a serious issue that could potentially affect us all. Experiencing a mental health problem is simply part of the ups and downs of life and can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, breaking the silence that surrounds mental health is not as easy as it sounds. That silence makes seeking help harder, and the experience of being unwell much harder. It doesn't have to be this way. Don't suffer in silence...

pdfDownload the Brochure

Camera Club May

Camera Club May photo album

While the Camera Club theme for May could easily have been "Cloudy with a Chance of Rain", Mr. Gibbons decided to brighten up the photographic mood with "Spring Theme". The results were certainly a feast for the eyes as can be seen from the album. However, all photographic technicalities considered, the winner of May's Spring Theme was deemed to be Rachel Devlin with a professional quality snap of a red rose in bloom (including rain for authenticity purposes). Apologies to the Camera Club for the delay in publishing the photos. Next year's spring theme will be "May-hem"...

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